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Owner Alert

Warning Concerning Timeshare Exit, Rental, and Resale Scams

List of Non-Affiliated Companies

We want you to be aware of a growing number of timeshare exit companies that are inundating owners with direct mailings, telemarketing, and seminar invitations. They claim they can release them from their timeshare obligations, resell, or rent their property for an up-front fee.

Here are a few helpful tips and red flags for identifying and combatting timeshare exit, rental, and resale scams:

  • Upfront Fees Beware of requests for upfront fees such as administrative fees, advertising fees, closing fees, and service or tax requirement fees.
  • Protect your information Another technique is to solicit owners on social media and ask them to message or email their contact and ownership information.
  • Unsolicited Contact Beware of unsolicited calls, emails, or correspondence from someone offering to sell, dispose of or rent your timeshare for any up-front fee.
  • Interested Buyer Beware of calls or emails claiming to have an interested buyer or renter for your timeshare.
  • Offers to transfer paid-off ownership Be wary of any calls or mailings that offer to transfer paid-off ownership to another party.
  • Too good to be true Beware of any offer that sounds too good to be true; these offers are usually a scam.
  • Read the warnings Don’t be tricked by a fancy address or professional-looking website.
  • Don’t be a victim When in doubt, we encourage you to contact your resort, Association or management company or the Concierge Department at 1-888-629-9593 to confirm the authenticity of any proposal or offer made to you.