The Cliffs at Peace Canyon

181 Ocean Avenue

Palm Beach, FL 33404

United States

Phone: 561.863.4000 Fax: 561.863.9502

Resort Manager: Sherry Smith


Palm Beach, FL, United States

resort update

A Message From the General Manager

We can't wait for you to experience the remarkable upgrades around our beautiful property. From the more easily accessible Jacuzzi and pool area to the new technology in the bedroom, our resort is ready for your relaxation. We hope to see you soon!

- Sherry Smith, General Manager

What’s New at Palm Beach Shores

See your Maintenance Dollars at Work!

Fresh Look
Pool Refresher

The pool resurfacing and tile upgrades have now reached completion. One step onto the pool deck, and you'll notice right away how fresh and inviting our pool area has become.

Gift Shop Extras
Book Excursions Later

Not only have the gift shop retail items been updated, but so have the excursion reservation hours! You can now conveniently reserve your favorite water sport activity until 9:00 PM.

Cost Effective
Expanded Deck

We have removed the kiddie pool, and its costly maitenance, to expand the deck for your poolside comfort. More deck space means more pool chairs for you to relax in under the sun.

In the Bedroom
Bigger TV with Features

Your bedroom now features a 47-inch HDTV, complete with an array of entertainment options. From the new interactive TV, you can browse restaurant menus, select indulgent spa services and even learn about on-site activities from Get Wet Water Sports!

Handicap Accessible
Jacuzzi Improvements

We have taken out the steps to the jacuzzi for much easier access. Not only that, the jacuzzi is brand new! With new pavors and a lift, this improved feature can now be enjoyed by everyone.

Pay Online
Did You Know?

Paying your maintenance fees has never been easier! You can pay online at 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you've never used our online payment service, you can easily set up an online payment account using the contract ID from your invoice.


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