Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates
  • The Berkley, Las Vegas
  • Vacation Village at Parkway
  • The Grandview at Las Vegas
  • Massanutten Resort
  • Williamsburg Plantation
  • Vacation Village in the Berkshires
  • Vacation Village at Weston
  • The Cliffs at Peace Canyon
  • The Colonies at Williamsburg
  • Palm Beach Shores
  • Berkshire Mountain Lodge
  • Vacation Village at Bonaventure
  • Mizner Place at Weston Town Center
  • Presidential Resort
  • Patriots Inn
The Berkley, Las Vegas0 Vacation Village at Parkway1 The Grandview at Las Vegas2 Massanutten Resort3 Williamsburg Plantation4 Vacation Village in the Berkshires5 Vacation Village at Weston6 The Cliffs at Peace Canyon7 The Colonies at Williamsburg8 Palm Beach Shores9 Berkshire Mountain Lodge10 Vacation Village at Bonaventure11 Mizner Place at Weston Town Center12 Presidential Resort13 Patriots Inn14
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Vacation Village ResortsĀ® is one of the top timeshare and vacation ownership companies in the world. Our goal is to provide superior quality accommodations and amenities for a lifetime of vacation possibilities. Established in 1983, Vacation Village Resorts has grown to over 500,000 owners.

No matter which resort you select, we consistently reinforce our brand's focus on comfort, flexibility and value. Our resorts offer fully furnished, spacious accommodations that include full kitchens, living and dining areas, and multiple bedrooms. We allow you the opportunity of traveling to new resorts or finding comfort in the familiarity of your preferred resort. Our product is aimed at bringing you the most economic options by offering future vacations at today's prices, for just the time you need.

The Vacation Village ResortsĀ® family of properties includes Berkshire Mountain Lodge, The Cliffs at Peace Canyon, The Colonies at Williamsburg, The Grandview at Las Vegas, Massanutten Resort , Mizner Place at Weston Town Center, Palm Beach Shores, Patriots Inn, Vacation Village in the Berkshires, Vacation Village at Bonaventure, Vacation Village at Parkway, Vacation Village at Weston, Wilderness Presidential Resort at Chancellorsville, Williamsburg Plantation and our newest resort, The Berkley, Las Vegas. We also have more than 40 Affiliated Resorts throughout the United States.

But, we are more than a collection of great resorts. Vacation Village ResortsĀ® strives to provide vacationing opportunities that can be shared with loved ones and future generations, for memories and vacations that will last a lifetime.